Wholesale Trends Influencing 2022

Innovation in B2B eCommerce thrives as retail grapples with an inflection point. See how brands are harnessing technology to step into a new future.

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Digital Shifts Propel Record Breaking Sales

Brands are increasingly moving their wholesale business to a 100% digital sales model.

Danish brand Minimum captured double-digit growth in three out four of their key markets in 2020 after using NuORDER’s Virtual Showrooms, curated digital assortments, and rich multimedia visuals to sell online exclusively.

Flexible Fulfillment Counters Supply Chain Woes

Supply chain disruptions will persist through 2022, pushing retailers and brands to get creative. Multi-brand manufacturer Tecnica upgraded its DTC, B2B, online and offline ecosystem, radically improving their fulfillment capabilities, which allowed them to shuffle inventory in real-time to cater to a consumer-centric model. 

Exit Omnichannel, Enter Connected Commerce

As businesses look to diversify revenue by allocating, selling and shipping products seamlessly across all channels a deeply integrated B2B system matters more than ever. As NuORDER’s wholesale platform becomes fused into Lightspeed’s POS and B2C eCommerce solutions, the industry is achieving a global transformation that delivers exceptional consumer experiences and uses data to drive sell-through.


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