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How Brands & Retailers Are Responding to an Evolving Landscape

While retail has certainly transformed, it’s not necessarily the “retail apocalypse” as media would have us believe.

Much of the news cycle has focused on the demise of physical retail and the dominance of a few large online retailers. We wanted to hear from the brands that rely on retailers for distribution to learn how they are responding to these changes and how they’re planning to grow their business with new and existing accounts.

In this eBook, we explore retail’s transformation from the point of view of more than 400 U.S. leaders of brands who sell through wholesale, answering questions related to the evolving relationship between brands and their wholesale and retail partners.

Questions we asked:

  1. How have changes in retail affected brands?
  2. Alternatively, how have brands driven change for retailers?
  3. How has technology assisted and impacted these changes?

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The shifting retail landscape offers an opportunity for brands to broaden their approach and reach consumers in innovative ways. Because retail isn’t dead, it’s just changing.