Maximize Sales with Inventory & Supply Chain Innovations

Current supply chain concerns are posing ongoing challenges for brands and retailers this season and beyond. In this webinar, we are joined by our co-host Quivers as we discuss inventory optimization and reducing out-of stocks.

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Webinar Topics Include


Building a Connected Commerce Experience

Creating an ecosystem where consumers, retailers, and brands can all work together.


A Better Way to Streamline Orders & Fulfillment

Tips on the best way to optimize current inventory and reduce out of stocks


Addressing Supply Chain & Delivery Concerns Head-on

Discussing the growing worldwide shipping and infrastructure issues and demands.

Smarter, Faster Merchandise Allocation

 Ben Barenholtz, Vice President of Marketing at Quivers and Jess Chan, Director of Client Services at NuORDER discuss the delays and slowdowns with shipping and delivery this season and ways that brands can maximize their current inventory and streamline the fulfillment process. 

  • Practical steps brands can take to ensure success for their business and retail partners. 
  • Surfacing the most pressing concerns of the current market and how to solve these pain points.
  • Why connected commerce needs to be top of mind for brands and how it can alleviate ongoing challenges.

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