2024 State of B2B Commerce Report

Competing in the Digital Age of Wholesale

Our latest wholesale industry survey revealed a paradigm shift: brands are reaching digital maturity in their B2B commerce practices and seeing significant wins. Discover the industry's latest advancements in our 2024 State of B2B Commerce Report.
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Ashley Wolf, VP of Marketing at NuORDER

Technology reinvents wholesale for the better

Strategic Business Growth

Brands have refocused their energy into wholesale growth over any other sales channel. Discover the ways respondents report selling deeper into existing accounts and finding new retail partnerships.

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Increased Wholesale Optimism

Brands are becoming more tech-savvy and thus conducting business online over the traditional in-person methods. Learn how brands are succesfully taking their wholesale business online.

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A Modern Buying Experience

We are seeing a new generation of buyers who expect a more elevated, tech-focused buying experience. See how brands are rising to the occasion to offer a more B2C-like shopping experience for the buyer.

A sneak peek into key data points

Wholesale accounts for 60%

on average of a company's total sales

3 in 4 brands

use ERP integrations to bidirectionally sync product, order, and pricing data

8 in 10 brands

have an established practice of using data and technology to inform business decisions

7% increase

in wholesale marketing outreach to attract new retailers

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