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Revamping the B2B Buying Process

Watch this webinar to learn how to solve specialty retailers' biggest headaches, featuring industry veteran and former buyer Jill Donnelly (CEO of Baby & Company)

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Webinar Topic Highlights


Online Selling Success

Discover the small things your brand can do during a digital market appointment that matter the most to a buyer

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Secure More Orders

Tips on how to showcase your brand story digitally that will ensure more pre-book orders and drive deeper partnerships

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An Insider's Look

Hear from CEO and veteran specialty buyer, Jill Donnelly on what she looks for when working with vendors.

Upgrade Your Selling Process

Hear from expert specialty buyer, Jill Donnelly on what makes a retailer want to buy and continue to work with a vendor. Reach new heights in your wholesale process by implementing these techniques we will cover in this webinar:

  • What makes an online presentation successful from a buyers point of view 
  • How brands can make a digital shift with or without a digital solution
  • Which data is the most essential for both brands and retailers

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