The Retail Buying Experience: Preparing for the Future of Wholesale

When we initially ran this survey, we could have never anticipated the world wide-pandemic that would follow the publication of this report. However, the retailer’s sentiment, expressed through this data, has never rang more true: buyers have been hungry to work more collaboratively through online tools. This buyers’ report still serves as an insight into the profile of today’s buyers, and while yesterday’s buying has been permanently reshaped, brands can use this report in salient ways to plan for the future. This piece provides a perspective on how buyers want to feel valued, how they prefer to communicate with their brands, and what constitutes the best buying experience.

What will you learn from this Report?

Some of the top-level insights include how:

  • Data is playing a bigger role in the buying process
  • Online commerce feeds quicker inventory turnover
  • Winning brands solve technical problems for their retail buyers

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With intensifying competition across the retail sector, brands can gain a competitive advantage by providing a personal touch and improving the buying process.