The State of Retail Buying in 2020

The retail buyer has seen many changes in the industry--most of which have occurred in a short span of time. In this report, we survey buying professionals across every industry to uncover the profile of a retail buyer, how buyers keep up with faster product cycles, and how new B2B tech solutions have impacted the bottom line. Whether you are on the brand side or retail, this report will bring great insight into the state of wholesale. 

What will you learn from this Report?

Some of the top-level insights include how:

  • Data is playing a bigger role in the buying process
  • Online commerce feeds quicker inventory turnover
  • Human relationships still matter--maybe more than ever
  • Winning brands solve technical problems for their retail buyers

Get into the mind of the retail buyer by downloading the report now! 

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With intensifying competition across the retail sector, brands can gain a competitive advantage by providing a personal touch and improving the buying process.