Increasing Prebooks by 20% and Reorders by 15% with NuORDER

Hestra carries over 400 styles of gloves, and is a global B2B wholesaler selling millions of pairs to over 5,500 retailers in 26 countries. Hestra needed a platform that digitized their paper catalogs and enabled 24/7 online ordering for both sales reps and buyers. After a year on their previous platform, Hestra turned to NuORDER as a full-feature B2B solution that could seamlessly integrate with their ERP system, NetSuite.

Since implementing NuORDER, Hestra has seen:

  • 20% increase in prebook sales and a 50% increase in overall sales

  • 15% increase in re-order business

  • 30% decrease in meeting times at trade shows

“NuORDER is a really important tool for us and I can’t see us operating our business without it. Period.” -Dino Dardano, President of Hestra USA

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