Data-Backed Wholesale

The Art of Personalized Selling

Modern wholesale involves a careful blend of art and science for a more personalized and segmented approach to selling.

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In This Report Discover


Tradition and Transformation

Discover how brands are mixing both traditional methods of in-person appointments with B2B eCommerce platforms for better results


Elevated Buyer Expectations

Personalization has never been more important to the buyer, who now expects a better customer experience when working with brands


Art and Science Unite

Wholesale executives report increasingly relying on data, such as order history and retail sell-through to refine products and assortments

Find Out What Industry Executives are Saying

We invited select sales executives to participate in our survey themed around data and personalization in wholesale selling. We found that most brands are using a blend of data and art to inform product development and create personalized assortments. 

  • Discover how many brands offer personalized linesheets 
  • Learn what data is considered essential to executives
  • Read how respondents share products with their retailers

Tap Into Powerful Insights


Wholesale Executives participated in the survey


Of brands believe personalization is important


Use data to improve pitches and boost sales


Of respondents work in Fortune 1000 Companies

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