The Future of Wholesale Industry Report

Fortune Favors the Digital

Discover how brands are navigating a year of rapid transformation and preparing for the year ahead.

After a year of upheaval, wholesale has been catapulted into a new era of selling. We sent out a survey, where 688 brands from small to enterprise-level participated in order to better understand the wholesale distribution process. What we found was data that pointed to wholesale being a strong revenue stream, but required a more automated and streamlined process to survive.

Some of the surprising things you will learn:

  • How brands currently rate their satisfaction level with retailers
  • How brands view the future of wholesale and what channels they are currently investing in the most
  • Improvements in the distribution process and B2B tools that brands are currently using

Interestingly, despite every brand experiencing significant change, 80% do not have a negative outlook on the future of wholesale. As a matter of fact, nearly 9 out of every 10 brands do not plan to move away from wholesale into direct-to-consumer (DTC) models.

Which brands are most confident in this new era of online selling? Download the full report to read more.

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“Brands unilaterally recognize the value of wholesale. Retail is not going away. Instead, the retailer landscape is evidence of a clear shift to omni-channel distribution and pure-play online retailers. It’s important to adjust wholesale strategy to embrace today’s trends”

— Adam Schneider COO, CFO at NuORDER

Industries Surveyed


An Aerial Perspective on the Wholesale Process

Respondents report their main strategy for growing business in the coming year.


Strategy and Planning for the Future Business of Wholesale

This report contains comprehensive data for every business professional involved in wholesale.


Executives and Brand Leaders

Channel growth based on current investment & expected growth


Sales & Marketing

How brands are currently finding and securing their retailers


Operations and IT

Biggest pain point in the wholesale distribution process