Trade Show Survival Guide

How do you make the most of your trade show investment? Trade shows are resource-intensive. Pre-show research helps you walk away from the show with results. Get all the insights you need to:


Everything you need to know to succeed and cut through the noise

We invited select sales executives to participate in our survey themed around data and personalization in wholesale selling. We found that most brands are using a blend of data and art to inform product development and create personalized assortments. 

  • Plan your pre and post show game plan 
  • Know the do's and don'ts of trade shows
  • Turn your meetings into sales
  • Benchmark results with our definitive metrics

Brush up on the Do's and Don'ts


Intelligently Sell. Ensure your reps have up-to-date product data on hand and understand what’s immediately available to sell and what promotions can be applied.


Brain dump. Rather than try to showcase all your inventory, propose unique product assortments catered to the retailer’s needs.


Streamline Meetings. Eliminate back and forth. Create a process where organization becomes the main priority, minimizing the paper trail or digital tools.


Take bad notes. Detailed notes are worth their weight in gold. To follow up you will want to house your notes in a place that is accessible for later reference.

A Winning Game Plan Starts with Pre-Show Planning and Ends with Killer Follow-Ups

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