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Wholesale Digital Transformation: The Shifts from Stacks to Ecosystems


Audrey McLoghlin, Founder/CEO, Frank & Eileen
Joe Cicman, Senior Analyst, Forrester
Tommy Fazio, Fashion Director, NuORDER

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While most brands see themselves as digitally focused, particularly when dealing directly with consumers, many still admittedly overlook and miss to prioritize their B2B eCommerce maturity. In this webinar, our guest speaker Forrester Senior Analyst, Joe Cicman, joins NuORDER’s Fashion Director, Tommy Fazio, to discuss the state of digital transformation in the wholesale/retail landscape and how organizations can poise themselves to create eCommerce ecosystems that can help them more intelligently sell their products. 

In this webinar:

Update on the state of digital transformation

+ Tools and software for driving omni-channel success

+ The shift from eCommerce stacks to ecosystems

The role of retail and brand collaboration

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