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The Retail Rollercoaster: Nailing demand forecasting & optimizing inventory to grow

Inventory management is crucial to maximizing profit margins, but thanks to high interest rates, constant supply chain disruptions and rapidly changing consumer buying habits it’s hard to get right.

Meet our panelists

John Shapiro
John Shapiro

Chief Product & Technology Officer, Lightspeed

Andrew Graham

Vice President of Wholesale & Custom, Marine Layer

Carson Searcy

Sales Manager & Buyer, CBS Sports Inc.

How to thrive in an evolving retail landscape

In this webinar, our panelist delve into critical topics, offering insights and strategies to address the complexities of inventory management and demand forecasting.

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Catering to Shopper Demands: Uncover how retailers and wholesalers navigate the many preferences of online and in-store shoppers.
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Holistic Forecasting: Delve into the broader impact of forecasting on supply chain management, labor planning, and other essential aspects of the business.
Exploring New Markets: Learn effective strategies for expanding into new markets as our panelists discuss the most promising opportunities for retailers and wholesalers.
Smart Inventory Practices: Explore intelligent inventory management strategies that can significantly reduce costs for retailers and brands.

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